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Embracing Death

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Course Overview

Discover a healing path to ease the agony of bereavement. The Embracing Death program embraces an ancient practice that helps you heal from death’s devastating finality. It is a guided philosophy and practice to help you deal with the grief over losing a loved one, and dark thoughts of your own impermanent state of existence. The experience of loss can be a time of revelation and marvel, when you see exactly who you are, who you have always been but were too afraid to find out.

Course Summary

  • Learn how death is not our enemy, and how we can talk about it more openly so there is not so much fear around it.
  • Learn the Tibetan Buddhist practice of Phowa, the transference of consciousness at the moment of death.
  • Learn about the importance of those last minutes of life.
  • Understand the concept of Pure Land, Dewachen, the final awakening for your consciousness.


Part 1
The concept of impermanence. Falling with Style. The Yoga of Phowa. Pure Land. The Story of Shamara Phillipa.
Part 2
5 stages of dealing with death. The dying process. The 5 elements. Not the end. Making the Last Journey: Exercise.
Part 3
The Ultimate Test. Accepting Grief. Being Present, Being Useful, Standing Witness. Hospice. Holding on and letting go. The End of Days.
Duration 3H 41M
Course Embracing Death
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