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Enduring Love

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Course Overview

Enduring Love uses the wisdom of the Buddha to help you to create and sustain a lifelong, committed, loving relationship with your beloved. Although we often feel pain and loneliness in life, these are just reflexive, reactive patterns. They are not our true nature. Our true nature is to be loving, and the more you learn to practice and live in the truth of our loving nature, the more peace, joy, harmony, connection and love come into your life. This program gives us all the tools you need to transform your life and embrace a lifelong, loving relationship.

Course Summary

  • Learn the five traits of an enduring relationship.
  • Learn the practices and meditations to cultivate an awakened heart and create a lasting, loving relationship.
  • Learn the truth about male and female energies and how they interact in relationship.
  • Learn to create a stronger, deeper bond with your beloved despite serious challenges in the relationship.
  • Learn techniques to create intimacy in your relationship.
  • Learn the truth about tantric sex, and how it can help you to create a love that is sexually, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually fulfilling.


Part 1
Intimacy, Commitment, and why the teachings of the Buddha can help you better understand love and sex.
Part 2
Karma. Male and Female energies expressed. The Tantric Law. Shamatha, or “Calm Abiding.” The biggest  mistake you can make in a relationship.
Part 3
Biological challenges. Archetypes. Medical mismanagement. Technology and communication.
Part 4
The life of the Buddha and his path. Applying the 4 Noble Truths and the Middle Path to your love life. The secret to finding balance between male and female principles.
Part 5
The basic nature of human beings. What causes you to attract a particular “type” of person or relationship repeatedly, particularly if it is harmful or toxic.
Part 6
The first rule of love. The value of contemplation. How to share the calm.
Part 7
The five traits of an Enduring Relationship. How to meet and connect with people to begin a relationship. How your relationship with your parents impacts your relationship with your beloved.
Part 8
Explaining Tantra and Tantric Love.
Passionate Reflections. Weekly reminders for nurturing deeper intimacy in your relationship.
Duration 2H
Course Enduring Love
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