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The Dharma Experience


About the Author

Course Overview

In Vedanta, the ancient wisdom from India, there are four different paths, or yogas, you can take to find your Dharma, your purpose for being on this earth. But the end destination of each path is always the same: Freedom, Liberation, Enlightenment or Awareness. Yoga is much more than a form of fitness. The philosophy of yoga encompasses all of life, and each yoga path is unique, as you are. The Dharma Experience helps you to find your path, and your purpose, opening up for you a life filled with meaning and fulfillment.

Course Summary

  • Learn that your purpose is much more than your job or career.
  • Learn to express yourself and your unique gifts to the world.
  • Understand the four Dharmic paths, and discover which one is most suited to you at any given time
  • Achieve a greater awareness of your Self and your place in this world.


Module 1
The real meaning of dharma. Each person has a unique purpose in this lifetime, discover yours. Experience your “Real Being” through Vedic philosophy.
Module 2
The most powerful emotion: love. What is true Bhakti? Love the highest. How acceptance is the key to pure love. The teacher and the student.
Module 3
What “work” and “service” really mean. Unfulfilled expectations cause upset. What changes and what is permanent. Letting go. What needs to be done. Being mindful.
Module 4
Using the powers of the intellect to achieve mastery over the mind. Temporary conditions. Breaking through illusion. Writing the script of your life. Renunciation.
Module 5
The Yoga of Psychology. Meditation and looking within. The role of challenges in life – a distraction or a teacher? Eight steps to liberation. Perfection.
Module 6
To love. To serve. To know. To be. The power of Four. The mystical square.
Module 7
Discover a dharmic secret. Carry your dharma with you. Contributing to society. Know who you are.
Bonus 1
Bonus 2
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Duration 4H 58M
Course The Dharma Experience
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