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The Ganesha Experience

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Course Overview

Ganesha is the lord of success, the remover of obstacles. Through the stories of Ganesha we can learn his 9 sacred secrets to success in both wisdom and wealth. Obstacles may be large or small, something that we confront as a life challenge from time to time, or a hurdle that we face on a daily basis, such as tensions in relationships or at work. There are two types of obstacles: internal and external. When we learn to remove the internal obstacles, the external ones are automatically removed. Once we remove the obstacles within, we automatically move towards success.

Course summary

  • Learn how the internal obstacles stuck in your system manifest as external obstacles in your life.
  • Learn to apply the secret weapons of artfulness, playfulness, humor, intelligence and wisdom to remove obstacles.
  • Learn to remove tensions and conflicts from relationships and experience greater popularity with people.
  • Learn to open your life to automatically move towards greater success, wisdom, and wealth.


Introduction: The Ganesha Experience
Ganesha is one of the first known gods to humankind, though he continues to remain the most mystical, unexplored and least understood deity.  In this course you will learn valuable lessons from his legends that will help you to enhance the quality of your life.
Module 1
A common man’s journey from disability to royalty. How Ganesh was accepted into the greatest family of gods. Learn how humility with commitment leads to love, popularity, and success.
Module 2
Discover how you can transform adversity into unique success. The enchanting tale of Ganesha’s creation will teach you how to take advantage of limited resources to achieve your goals.
Module 3
Are some people making your life difficult? You don’t have to fight them. Learn how baby Ganesha humbled Lord Kubera, the great god of wealth.
Module 4
Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, chose Ganesha, the god of wisdom, to be by her side. How wisdom plays an indispensable role in your lasting success. Ganesha attained both Riddhi (wealth and good fortune and Siddhi (perfection and success). Learn from Ganesha how you can also achieve a healthy balance between wisdom and wealth.
Module 5
Ganesha chose a tiny mouse as his vehicle. Yet this humble choice led to Ganesha’s popularity and success. Discover how humble choices can become your true source of power.
Discover how you can tap into your infinite wisdom and triumph despite obstacles. 4 Bonus videos (more than 75 minutes worth of content) of advanced teachings for all those who want to dive deeper into the world of Ganesha.
Duration 3H 2M
Course The Ganesha Experience
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