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The Goddess Experience

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Course Overview

The Goddess Experience teaches the oldest Goddess tradition in the world. This tradition has taken care of the 5 basic human needs through primordial energy for thousands of years! You’ll learn the ancient order of energy invocation to empower yourself in 5 different areas of your life.

Course Summary

  • Learn the mystical secret to amplify positive experiences in 5 prime spheres of your life: Money, Power, Love, Your Individual Self, and Your Spiritual Evolution
  • Learn how to advance your energies to develop an influential personality and enjoy a powerful life
  • Discover your personal Goddess, or “Margdsarshika,” and find the right path for you to follow
  • Learn how to fill any feelings of lack and live a richer, more fulfilling life without compromise


Module 1
Meet a variety of Hindu goddesses that range from nurturing and auspicious to ferocious and protective. Uncover the 3 major philosophies that have gone into shaping the goddess: Prakriti, Maya, and Shakti.
Module 2
Having cleared the ground by eliminating negativity, you are now prepared to cultivate the positive in your life. At this stage, you learn how to achieve your goals.
Module 3
Discover what makes the relationship of Sati and Shiva the epitome of love and passion and how you can make your own love relationship just as passionate.
Module 4
Tap into the sheer determination, perseverance and focus that helps you to attain the unattainable.
Module 5
Learn Lakshmi’s secrets to wealth and success.
Module 6
Learn how to have confidence and positivity radiate through your being. Handle relationships with ease with the art of flexibility and adaptability. Achieve a greater level of creativity, productivity and excellence at work.
Breath-taking spiritual vibrations artwork helps you to spiritually connect with these lessons through visuals.
3 Additional videos with more information about Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati and how these 3 goddesses can help you make your dreams come true!
Duration 4H 58M
Course The Goddess Experience
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