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The Law of Relationship

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The Law of Relationship says that we are all connected, and we are here to help each other learn and grow. We feel the same emotions; we share the same experiences. We face challenges and heartache, no matter where we live, or how we live. This course is a practical and spiritual guide for how to navigate through the pain that comes from what we see as the end of a relationship. Whether it is a divorce, a death, a move or some other change, we find ourselves trying to make sense of it all. We have a deep, urgent need for Closure. This course is for anyone who needs to find that ever-elusive peace of mind right now.

Course Summary

  • Learn the anatomy of a relationship, and how it evolves through time.
  • Learn how to overcome any feelings of abandonment or fear as you move through a major shift in a relationship.
  • Learn how to gain a higher perspective and understanding of the way relationships work.
  • Equip yourself with both practical and spiritual tools to deal with the inevitable difficult situations that arise at various times in our lives.


The life-changing impact that our relationships bring, sometimes small, sometimes profound.
Part 1
Understanding the law of relationship, how it works, and how to apply it. “Be the Dog.” Life lessons in our relationships.
Part 2
Forgiveness, detachment, letting go. Closure is different than grief. Understanding that you might not ever understand why. You can’t get closure from any other person, only from yourself.
Part 3
Reconnection. Reminding yourself who you are. The gift of silence. The only thing that never changes.
Transformative applications for mental and spiritual evolution.

Wisdom affirmations for inspiration and peace of mind.

The Releasing Prayer
Finding Closure. What to do when it’s back to just “me.”
Downloadable PDF copy of Lissa’s book “CLOSURE and the Law of Relationship: Endings as New Beginnings.”
Duration 3H 43M
Course The Law of Relationship
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