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The Shiva Experience

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Course Overview

The Shiva Experience is a practical guide to overcoming challenges and achieving a higher state of consciousness. Shiva is in the trinity of Hindu God-Heads and represents the power of destruction. Yet what does he destroy? Shiva destroys our weakness, our ignorance, our darkness – and shows us the light. Shiva’s limitless wisdom gives us 6 simple steps to “Purnatva” or Personal Empowerment! Hindu mythology and symbology show us 6 timeless characteristics embodied by the extraordinary Shiva himself, and that anyone, whether they are deeply spiritual or passionately curious, can adopt to shift into a state of Purnatva.

When you trace Shiva’s steps, your journey toward a higher state of being doesn’t just become possible – it becomes inevitable.

Course Summary

  • You were born with a perfect balance of spirituality and worldliness – and yet you feel disconnected from the higher state of consciousness you possess. Learn how to tap into the true YOU.
  • We know you don’t have time to study countless spiritual texts and manuscripts and then figure out how to apply these lessons into your life. Dr. Nilima has done all this for you, and you will learn a specific process that works.
  • Discover your highest potential as a human being as you discover the truths about Shiva.
  • Gain a feeling of balance. Eliminate feelings of guilt or inadequacy in your life, and instead find a state of being called “Samyam” and work with it to bring balance into every area of your life.


Your journey begins with this introductory session. We explore the most enduring questions and myths surrounding Shiva, and learn why understanding his true nature is the first step to channeling his wisdom into your life.
Step 1
One of Shiva’s primary manifestations is that of the Maha Yogi: he who gives up his worldly concerns and immerses himself in deep meditation. Discover how this state of focus, known as Ekagrata, can help you triumph over the distractions and mind chatter that prevent you from reaching your goals.
Step 2
Whether it’s the loss of a loved one or financial worries, life is full of unexpected situations that leave you feeling sad, scared, or angry. Vairagya is a state of conscious detachment often practiced by Shiva that allows you to step back from these heavy emotions so that you can solve problems, experience unconditional stillness, and make intelligent decisions from a neutral position.
Step 3
From his tiger skin outfit to his peculiar habits and paradoxical nature, Shiva is truly unique. Yet unlike many people who don’t really fit in to society’s “norm,” Shiva is proud and fully aware of who he is, and because of this he is adored by millions. How would your life change if you could overcome self-doubt and self-sabotage, and fully accept your unique characteristics?
Step 4
Shiva is both a destroyer and a creator. He is also a renouncer and a householder. In one manifestation, he is also half male and half female. Yet despite these contradictions, Shiva maintains an immaculate sense of balance. You can use Shiva’s wisdom to enrich every facet of your life, and never struggle with unnecessary sacrifice or compromise.
Step 5
Relationships are the most cherished aspect of life, and this is true for Shiva as well. A few key stories recount Shiva’s devotion, helping you learn how to avoid arguments and misunderstandings to infuse your relationships with more openness and passion.
Step 6
Every step you’ve taken has led you here – Purnatva, the peak state of humanity embodied by Shiva himself. This is a state where external validation is no longer required. With Purnatva you generate a perpetual stream of energy, joy, and inspiration from within. You radiate with the unmistakable glow of empowerment, and your life is changed forever.
With beautiful artwork and handy summaries of every lesson in The Shiva Experience you’ll be able to refer back to what you’ve learned any time.
One of the stepping-stones to achieving Purnatva is to destroy the thoughts, habits, and beliefs that silently hold you back. In this revelatory bonus video, you learn how Shiva’s reputation as the destroyer (and subsequent re-creator) helps you triumph in the reinvention of yourself.
Duration 2H
Course The Shiva Experience
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