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The Taoist Experience

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Course Overview

Taoism is a philosophy of living that originated in the shamanic roots of Chinese civilization. It is rooted in simplicity and lays emphasis on following the rhythms of nature. In the world of today, where we find ourselves suffering from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual distress and disillusionment, Taoism is a practical, scientific, cross-cultural pathway to manifesting a life of balance and fulfillment.

Many modern people feel disconnected and ungrounded in their being. They feel adrift and alone, searching for a deep connection to Source. Taoism, whose teachings are 5,000 years old, offers a way to connect in a deep and balanced way, to the source of all life.  Its health practices such as qigong, dao in (Taoist yoga), breathing practices and meditation all support a healthy lifestyle and are open to anyone, no matter what religion you already practice. Its attitudes and philosophy help guide us through the often confusing and sometimes painful areas of life.

The teachings of Taoism can give us greater health, balanced emotions and even a more clear and focused mind.

Course Summary

  • Learn to unblock your energies to freely manifest your dreams.
  • Equip yourself with tools to manifest your ultimate perfect state of being.
  • Learn the 8 golden secrets to trigger the right actions that bring prosperity, joy, invigorating health, spiritual wealth, and emotional buoyancy and balance.
  • Learn meditative practices to enhance your chi (vital energy) and activate your energy centers for a fulfilling life and inner bliss.


The essence of the philosophy of Taoism.
Principle 1
This module discusses life challenges and ways to deal with them by adopting the Wu Wei ideology of not forcing and not overdoing.
Principle 2
This module explores the possibilities of attaining harmony within ourselves and the universe by achieving a balance between the Yin and Yang energies of our being.
Principle 3
Using analogies from water, this module describes the qualities of a sage and an awakened being to help you lead a life of abundance and spiritual fulfillment. .
Principle 4
This module examines apparently negative qualities like emptiness and uselessness and celebrates their virtues and hidden powers as understood the teaching of Tao.
Principle 5
Using tales from Tao, this module focuses on gaining wisdom through its emphasis on “belly knowledge” verses “head knowledge” and letting go to grow spiritually and evolve.
Principle 6
This module explains the concept of the way of living our life in a slow, steady and balanced manner instead of rushing through life.
Principle 7
How the Tao teaches us to adapt easily to change and live a graceful and joyous life by being flexible, both internally and externally.
Principle 8
This module explores how we can live a life of natural simplicity.
Taoist Meditation
Taoist Yoga
Spiraling Dragon Qi Gong Meditation Technique
The Story of the Tao Te Ching
3 Qi-Gong Meditation Audios
Duration 4H 8M
Course The Taoist Experience
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