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The Vedanta Experience

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Vedanta is “the technology of consciousness” and it teaches us who we are and why we are here on this earth. The Vedanta Experience breaks down all false concepts and beliefs and shows us the Ultimate Truth about life. It gives us the tools we need to achieve success and perfection in anything we choose to do.

Course Summary

  • Learn to exercise optimal capacity for efficient and productive action.
  • Learn how to find lasting happiness.
  • Learn how to maintain strong relationships.
  • Learn the art of living in this world: a scientific process to master your mind, body and emotions.
  • Equip yourself with the eight powers to master your life.


Module 1
The need for Vedanta in today’s world. What Vedanta really is, and how to apply the philosophy in everyday life. How to embark on a clearer journey to self-realization and the transcendental state of absolute bliss.
Module 2
A step-by-step deconstruction of “who you think you are” that will break all illusions of the “self.” Find out who you really are, and what you’re made up of. Discover the five layers of your being.
Module 3
This module delineates 8 personal powers that you can cultivate to master yourself and the world around you. The program provides you with an automatic progression of self-growth. As you understand one power, your transition from one stage of understanding progresses to a higher stage before you even realize it. The 8 Powers are Viveka (discrimination), Vairagya (renunciation), Sama (quietude), Dama (self-control), Uparati (self-withdrawal), Titiksha (forbearance), Sraddha (faith), and Samadhana (self-settledness).
Duration 2H 10M
Course The Vedanta Experience
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