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The Vishnu Experience

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Discover Vishnu’s 6 sacred secrets to a life of abundance. Find your way to an everlasting reservoir of wisdom and happiness! For centuries, people across the globe have been enchanted by the stories of Vishnu in his various forms.  As the preserver who nourishes and sustains the delicate equilibrium in our world, Vishnu quells conflict and restores harmony. As he does this, he leaves behind profound messages for true seekers.

Through his timeless and powerful life stories, Vishnu gives us six simple lessons that take us from a place of internal chaos, to inner peace. In today’s ever-changing world, learning about Vishnu assumes greater relevance than ever before.

Course Summary

  • Learn what it takes to make your life more fulfilling. The 6 simple secrets of Vishnu in his various forms are your doorway to greater happiness!
  • Learn the secret of confidence and conviction. Even in the face of adversity, Vishnu shows us how the universe aligns itself to ensure that the task is completed.
  • Learn the art of sifting through life’s experiences without feeling burdened.
  • Learn to nurture your relationships to create a more fulfilling environment for yourself and those around you.
  • Learn to manage the various roles you are expected to play while maintaining your personal well-being and happiness.


Lesson 1
How self-confidence and the power of conviction can open our lives to infinite possibilities. The fascinating story of Vishnu fighting the demons that lie within us all.
Lesson 2
Cultivating and nurturing inner peace even in times of adversity. The story of how Vishnu reveals the truths of life.
Lesson 3
Humility as the hallmark of true greatness – the doorway to lasting fulfillment The story of Vishnu subduing the most powerful kind in the world.
Lesson 4
Developing the strength to uphold honesty, loyalty, and integrity even when on a difficult path. Vishnu makes difficult choices.
Lesson 5
How conviction translates into positive action. Vishnu as Rama is unflinching in his resolve, while remaining steadfast and focused on the task at hand.
Lesson 6
Experience divine love through the stories of Krishna – shepherd, king, philosopher and more.
The Vishnu Experience Audio Program comes with a powerful bonus! This Guided Meditation Audio Track will take you to the top of Mt. Kailash and liberate you from stress! During the meditation, not only will you feel relaxed, you will also be able to release your burdens by seeing your circumstances through the eyes of emotional detachment.
A complete transcript of all the lessons for easy reference. If you want to read, re-read or study any part of this course, you can refer to this handy transcript of The Vishnu Experience course.
Duration 2H 2M
Course The Vishnu Experience
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